Friday, October 9, 2009

Roloff Farm.... Here I Come!!

This weekend will prove to be a busy one!

Tonight, after I get off work around 7 PM, Josh and I have plans to either go to dinner, or to a movie, or something of that nature.

Saturday morning, Josh is going fishing, and I will be cleaning!  After he returns, we are going to watch his 10-year-old cousin J. play football!  I am so excited, because this kid looks so stinkin' cute at everything he does!  He's a hoot.  Then, we are meeting our realtor to look at a house!  I am VERY excited for that!!  Then, Saturday night will be filled with hanging out with one of Josh's co-workers and his friend.  We have a very full day planned!

Then, Sunday, my family is taking a trip down to Oregon to visit the Roloff Farm, from the TLC show "Little People, Big World".  They have pumpkins and all sorts of other attractions there!  I think Jess is coming with us too!  I wish Josh could come, but he will be busy working.

I plan to take my camera along everywhere this weekend, and hope to have lots of pictures to post soon from this weekend's adventures!



Mandy McMahan said...

OH MY GOSH, YOU'RE GOING TO ROLOFF FARMS??? That is so cool! I wish we could go with you too! I like that show. I saw Amy Roloff and a friend when I went to a Christian women's convention two years ago. :) They seem like such a fun family! DEFINITELY post about your experience when you get back!