Monday, October 26, 2009

Updates on Us

Things sure have been crazy around here lately! Here is a quick rundown of what's new with Josh and me.

  • We are still looking for a house.  The few that we have found that we actually liked have been short-sales, and those are tricky to get into.  We are hoping the First Time Homebuyer tax credit will be extended into 2010, but if not, we still plan on buying in the next few months.
  • I have been busy taking, editing, and printing photos lately from various adventures.  I have a real-live session coming up with a friend of mine and her toddler son.  I would love to someday make photography a full-time gig, but for now I will settle for it being a much-loved hobby.
  • I recently went on a hunting trip with my dad, and while tromping through the woods, I strained my lateral collateral ligament in both legs (it runs along the outside of each knee), which is in turn causing the meniscus of each knee to be pinched (the meniscus is the cushion in the knee joint).  I am using oral anti-inflamatories, and also an anti-inflammatory cream.  That is in addition to doing my own physical therapy both at home and in the clinic I work at.  All of this has put a serious damper on my hunting season.  Its hard to walk through clearcuts when each steps brings you to near-tears!
  • I have just begun (today, actually) my Esther bible study by Beth Moore.  It took me a while to track down the book, but I finally found a local store that carries it.  I also downloaded the mp3's off of iTunes, and am all gear up to begin!  I already have three more 90 day devotionals lined up for once this one is completed.

That's it for now!  God bless!