Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Features!

I am so excited to be debuting some new weekly features on my blog, as well as re-introducing an older one. Here is a tentative schedule for each week:

Monday:  Not Me! Monday
Tuesday:  My Walk With God
Wednesday:  Blogging Women of Glory
Thursday:  Recipe Box
Friday:  Randomness...

I'm hoping that by setting a schedule for myself, it will force me to blog more often.

Also, I've been considering giving my blog an actual name instead of just using my name.  Because my name is just kind of boring....

But we'll see.

So there it is!  Some changes like I promised!  Hopefully there will still be one or two more changes coming soon...


Mandy McMahan said...

Sounds awesome! Can't wait to read more. And I definitely need to try that cookie recipe. How about sharing your mom's chocolate pie recipe -- I don't know what she calls it but it's the one with chocolate pudding, graham cracker crust and maybe whipped cream? She makes it for Christmas Eve each year and it's SO GOOD! I'm also a huge fan of her zucchini bread -- she gave me that recipe at my bridal shower and I make it all the time!

Anyway, excited for you and all the blogging you're doing! I love reading it all. Great description of Ree -- I love her too. If she comes to Washington at all on her book tour, we should go meet her!