Friday, July 29, 2011

Sweet Tooth

Maybe THIS will finally satisfy my craving...

Field Trial Dog

If you haven't noticed by some of my previous blog posts, we're a little obsessed with our dog, Molly.  She is just over 1 year old, and is a Labrador Retriever/Golden Retriever mix.  We got her because we wanted a bird hunting dog, as well as a "family" dog.  And she fits the bill perfectly.

I originally wanted to take her to a dog trainer, to teach her the basics: sit, stay, come, heel, how to walk on a leash, etc.  Josh, however, was committed to training her himself.  I have to admit- I was worried he would get bored with it, and wouldn't commit the necessary time to her.  But we decided to give it a go.

The results have been amazing.  Josh STILL spends time with her almost every day, working on training. Molly can do all of the basics:  sit, stay, lay down, heel, walk on a leash.  But her retrieving skills are what really set her apart.  We can sit her down, go 100+ yards away, blow a duck call, fire a shotgun, throw a fake/real bird, say every "m" word possible, and even walk away and leave her, and that dog will not move from her spot.  She won't go after it until we say her name.  Its incredible to watch, really.  She is so darn focused!!  We can even throw two or three bumpers (training dummies) at a time in different directions, and she'll go after one, bring it back to your left side, sit next to you, and hold it in her mouth until you tell her "leave" and take it from her.  Then she'll go get the second one, and repeat.

Josh also taught her not to shake after retrieving from the water, which comes in very handy!  Instead, we'll throw something in the water, and she'll go get it, bring it your left side, etc., and then after you take the object from her, you can back away far enough to avoid getting soaked, and then tell her to shake off.  Its nice to be able to stay dry!

All of this training is geared towards duck hunting, and the skills she has learned are directly translated into hunting situations.  However, duck hunting is only a few short months out of the year.  What is there to do the rest of the year, you ask?

Field trials.

These competitions simulate hunting situations, and test each dog against a set of regulated retrieves/tests.  The problem we have found is most competitions require the dog to be purebred, which Molly is not.  However, we have found one organization that Molly can test in, and she will hopefully be competing this September (if Baby Davis hasn't arrived!).  It will be her first competition, and will more so just be a way to gauge her and our interest, and to see how she compares.

We (meaning mostly Josh) have stepped up her training, and I'm constantly impressed by how she performs.  If all goes as planned, I'll be able to videotape her test, and I'll be sure to post it on here!

I love that this is a hobby we can all do together, and that the kiddo can someday get into (with a pup of his own), if he's interested.  Love family hobbies!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

30+ Week Survey

How far along? 30 weeks and 4 days
How big is baby?  According to The Bump, 15.2-16.7 in. and 2.5-3.8 lbs; roughly the size of a squash.
Total weight gain/loss: Up 20 lbs.  This number has now remained the same for 3+ weeks.  FINALLY the weight gain has slowed down!
Sleep:  Constantly sleepy.  I think that comes from the fact that its hard for me to get comfortable for any length of time.  Rolling over in bed takes tremendous effort, and is extremely painful.  Plus, I am always too warm.
Best moment this week: Realizing how quickly August is going to fly by, and feeling stronger and stronger movements.
Movement: Very strong, and clearly noticeable from the outside.  Its so strange to see my belly changing shape as he moves around!
Symptoms: What symptoms DON'T I have??
Symptoms I DON'T have: None that I can think of.
Food cravings: Lately its desserts of all kinds, which only adds to my growing shape.
Food aversions: Unfortunately, nothing.
Gender: Definitely a boy.  Two ultrasounds have confirmed it!
Labor Signs: None, and I'd like to keep it that way for at least 6.5 more weeks!
Belly Button in or out? Still technically in.  Its basically flush with the rest of my stomach.  I thought for sure it would poke out, but now I'm thinking it may just stay this way for the remainder of this pregnancy,
What I miss: My ribs not hurting, being able to get comfortable, not wincing every time I get up to walk.
What I am looking forward to: Our childbirth class next weekend, followed by our first baby shower the weekend after.  Then its off to Lake Chelan for 4 days, and then home for a baby shower the following weekend.  And THEN, its September!!
Milestones: Getting closer and closer to being full-term, and checking little things off our to-do list.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Freezer Meals

I've been thinking recently about making some freezer meals for us to eat after the kiddo arrives. I have a hard enough time now coming home after work and cooking, and I can only imagine what it will be like after he is born.  I know a lot of our family/friends want to bring us meals, and we greatly appreciate it!!  But I don't want to find ourselves depending on that graciousness. 

I've been scouring my cookbooks and various websites, looking for recipes.  One of my favorite sites is What's Cookin, Chicago?  I love that Joelen has a huge collection of recipes, how to freeze them, and various tips for storage of freezer meals.  None of the recipes are too complex, and I get hungry just searching through them. 

I'm going to try making a few of the recipes this weekend, since Josh will be working overtime and I'll be home by my lonesome (with the exception of the cat and dog).  This will give us a chance to see what we like, how well things freeze, and how big the portions are.  Plus, it means I won't have to do much cooking over the next week or so :) 

Doing things in preparation for his birth/after we're home really make me realize how close we're getting to delivery day!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm Scared of August

As July is winding down, it means August is right around the corner.  This scares the living daylights out of me.

With the kiddo being due October 1st, there is a good possibility he could make his appearance in September.  He's measured large all along, and has made progress already towards the "exit".

This means August may very well be out last month sans child.

I knew this summer was going to be packed full (as most summers are) with BBQ's, parties, camping, projects, etc.  And I knew that having those things constantly scheduled makes time seem to fly by faster.  But now that we're actually experiencing that phenomenon, it's scary!!

I still feel like we have so much to accomplish before this little man makes his big debut.  I know that if he did decide to come early, we do already have the necessities at home.  Crib, clothes, diapers, feeding supplies, blankets, car seat.  But it's all of the not-necessary-but-nice-to-have items that we don't have yet.  I know that this child won't mind if his closet door knobs aren't yet painted to match his room, or that there aren't cute baskets on his changing table to hold all those supplies.  But that doesn't make me want them accomplished any less.

Here is our schedule through the beginning of September:

July 23-24:  Josh works overtime, and I try to finish the quilt, cloth wipes, burp cloths, and swaddlers I'm sewing.  Plus a BBQ.

July 30-31:  Going to Belfair to watch a field trial practice (dog event), and install ceiling fan and closet doors in nursery.

August 6-7:  Childbirth class

August 13-14:  Baby Shower #1, back to Belfair for more dog training.

August 18-21:  Lake Chelan for family camping trip (still up for debate).

August 27-28:  Baby Shower #2, last minute shopping.

September 3-4:  Field Trial competition in Bremerton.

My goal has always been to have everything ready for baby by September 1st, and its going to be a real struggle to meet that goal.  Obviously, all of this scheduling could change depending on how baby's doing/progressing, but I'm hoping he decides to cook at least long enough for us to accomplish our major goals. 

Needless to say, I've been eagerly awaiting August since finding out I was pregnant, and now that its merely days away, I'm scared to death.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Its the Little Stuff

We started working on the kiddo's room a few months ago, by slowly clearing out the bedroom of the futon, desk, and other miscellaneous crap that had accumulated there in just one year.  Once the room was empty, we bought and assembled his dresser, and worked on putting shelves in the closet, as well as installing new closet doors.  (Note:  I say "we" did all of this, when mostly it was Josh doing all the work, while I researched, supervised, pointed, and watched.)

Then, we received our crib and changing table (courtesy of our moms), and got those put together.  I had already received (and bought) some clothes, so I washed all of those, and started sorting/organizing based on size.

Throughout all of this, it still didn't quite seem real.  Obviously, I KNEW a baby was coming this fall, and KNEW he would be using all of this eventually, but it still didn't sink in.

Recently, however, I've started getting things- little things- that all of a sudden make me realize, Holy cow!  I'm having a BABY!  That will grow into a TODDLER!  And then a KID!!

Like I said, it's all little stuff.  Sippy cups.  Diapers.  Pacifiers.  Diaper cream.  Baby wash and lotion.

I'm not sure why it took these little items for me finally grasp what was happening, but it has.  And I'm excited!  We have approximately 10 weeks left until our due date, and everyone seems convinced he'll be arriving sometime in September.  52 days until he's considered full-term.

And I'm counting down by the hour.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

28 Week Appoinment

I went in today for my regularly-scheduled 28 week appointment, and I wanted to talk to the doctor about the major discomfort I've been having.  What I love about that office is that they never make me feel like anything I'm asking is a "dumb" question.  They are patient, take time to explain everything, and I never feel rushed.

We started with the normal weight check (0 lbs. gained since two weeks ago- think my weight gain has FINALLY slowed down!), blood pressure (116/79), listened to his heart rate (136 bpm), and measured my belly.  He was measuring a little ahead again, but is still within normal ranges.  We then discussed my discomfort in my pelvis, and how I feel like he's sitting very low already.  I also told her I'd been having some Braxton-Hicks, so she decided it was a good idea to check me out and make sure the kiddo wasn't making progress that he shouldn't be yet.

He is most definitely head-down (he was head-up two weeks ago), and has dropped significantly.  However, he still isn't "too" low, and she isn't worried about his position.  No dilation, no effacement.  The doctor just wants me to monitor my Braxton-Hicks more closely, and said we'll probably keep checking at every appointment now, just to make sure he isn't trying to make an appearance too soon.

I'll continue going every two weeks until the end of August, and then I'll switch to weekly appointments.  I'm sure once we start going every week it will really seem like his birth is getting closer!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A 28 Week Update

I am currently 28w3d pregnant, with (approximately) 81 days left to go until our due date.  I'm now being seen every two weeks by my OB, and the end is in sight.

At my last appointment two weeks ago, the kiddo was measuring 2 weeks ahead, and was still head-up.  He is kicking up a storm, and now gets both his hands AND feet (or knees and elbows) going at the same time, so I can feel movement in two different places at once.  Its so fun to watch my belly pop around like popcorn, and feel him respond when I push back.

The day after my last appointment, I woke up that morning feeling like a huge change had taken place.  I always felt like he was way up high, near my ribs.  That Friday, however, he was no longer in my ribs, and instead felt like he had moved down into my pelvis.  I could no longer cross my legs, and just walking in general became uncomfortable.  And unfortunately, that's the way things have stayed.  Everything has become significantly harder and more uncomfortable, from reaching towards the ground for things, to standing up after sitting, to moving around in bed.  I swear last night, it took me 2-3 minutes to get flipped over from my right to left side!

I have another appointment tomorrow morning, and am anxious to see if the doctor can feel that his position has changed.  I honestly can't imagine him staying this low for the next 12 weeks or so - I feel like I need to do handstands to try to move him back up north!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Predictions: An Update

I've always had certain feelings/hunches regarding this kiddo, and Josh has too.  So I've decided to document a few of them now, and then we can look back and compare after he is born.

*This is an updated version of what I posted when we had 88 days until his due date (we now have 40 days!). 

Maranda:  Boy
Joshua:  Girl 
*Obviously, we now know he's a boy, but Josh originally thought he was a girl before our big ultrasound)

Birth Date:
Maranda:  September 12th or 16th
Joshua: October 10
*Josh used to think he'd be early, but now thinks he'll go past his due date!

Maranda:  7-8 lbs.
Joshua:  8+ lbs.

Maranda:  Definitely lots
Joshua: Definitely lots

Induced or Not:

Maranda:  No- will go into labor naturally
Joshua: Will have to be induced