Wednesday, July 13, 2011

28 Week Appoinment

I went in today for my regularly-scheduled 28 week appointment, and I wanted to talk to the doctor about the major discomfort I've been having.  What I love about that office is that they never make me feel like anything I'm asking is a "dumb" question.  They are patient, take time to explain everything, and I never feel rushed.

We started with the normal weight check (0 lbs. gained since two weeks ago- think my weight gain has FINALLY slowed down!), blood pressure (116/79), listened to his heart rate (136 bpm), and measured my belly.  He was measuring a little ahead again, but is still within normal ranges.  We then discussed my discomfort in my pelvis, and how I feel like he's sitting very low already.  I also told her I'd been having some Braxton-Hicks, so she decided it was a good idea to check me out and make sure the kiddo wasn't making progress that he shouldn't be yet.

He is most definitely head-down (he was head-up two weeks ago), and has dropped significantly.  However, he still isn't "too" low, and she isn't worried about his position.  No dilation, no effacement.  The doctor just wants me to monitor my Braxton-Hicks more closely, and said we'll probably keep checking at every appointment now, just to make sure he isn't trying to make an appearance too soon.

I'll continue going every two weeks until the end of August, and then I'll switch to weekly appointments.  I'm sure once we start going every week it will really seem like his birth is getting closer!


jj2ofus said...

I carried both of my boys super low in the last 3 months. The most comfortable position was to sit on one of those lg exercise balls that was 3/4+ full just not full full because I could spread my legs and open up my pelvis ... It gave me relief. With them so low in the end all my stretch marks ended up below my bellybutton so that was nice... Lol Hang in there momma!
Super excited for you guys-
Sassy cake