Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm Scared of August

As July is winding down, it means August is right around the corner.  This scares the living daylights out of me.

With the kiddo being due October 1st, there is a good possibility he could make his appearance in September.  He's measured large all along, and has made progress already towards the "exit".

This means August may very well be out last month sans child.

I knew this summer was going to be packed full (as most summers are) with BBQ's, parties, camping, projects, etc.  And I knew that having those things constantly scheduled makes time seem to fly by faster.  But now that we're actually experiencing that phenomenon, it's scary!!

I still feel like we have so much to accomplish before this little man makes his big debut.  I know that if he did decide to come early, we do already have the necessities at home.  Crib, clothes, diapers, feeding supplies, blankets, car seat.  But it's all of the not-necessary-but-nice-to-have items that we don't have yet.  I know that this child won't mind if his closet door knobs aren't yet painted to match his room, or that there aren't cute baskets on his changing table to hold all those supplies.  But that doesn't make me want them accomplished any less.

Here is our schedule through the beginning of September:

July 23-24:  Josh works overtime, and I try to finish the quilt, cloth wipes, burp cloths, and swaddlers I'm sewing.  Plus a BBQ.

July 30-31:  Going to Belfair to watch a field trial practice (dog event), and install ceiling fan and closet doors in nursery.

August 6-7:  Childbirth class

August 13-14:  Baby Shower #1, back to Belfair for more dog training.

August 18-21:  Lake Chelan for family camping trip (still up for debate).

August 27-28:  Baby Shower #2, last minute shopping.

September 3-4:  Field Trial competition in Bremerton.

My goal has always been to have everything ready for baby by September 1st, and its going to be a real struggle to meet that goal.  Obviously, all of this scheduling could change depending on how baby's doing/progressing, but I'm hoping he decides to cook at least long enough for us to accomplish our major goals. 

Needless to say, I've been eagerly awaiting August since finding out I was pregnant, and now that its merely days away, I'm scared to death.