Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A 28 Week Update

I am currently 28w3d pregnant, with (approximately) 81 days left to go until our due date.  I'm now being seen every two weeks by my OB, and the end is in sight.

At my last appointment two weeks ago, the kiddo was measuring 2 weeks ahead, and was still head-up.  He is kicking up a storm, and now gets both his hands AND feet (or knees and elbows) going at the same time, so I can feel movement in two different places at once.  Its so fun to watch my belly pop around like popcorn, and feel him respond when I push back.

The day after my last appointment, I woke up that morning feeling like a huge change had taken place.  I always felt like he was way up high, near my ribs.  That Friday, however, he was no longer in my ribs, and instead felt like he had moved down into my pelvis.  I could no longer cross my legs, and just walking in general became uncomfortable.  And unfortunately, that's the way things have stayed.  Everything has become significantly harder and more uncomfortable, from reaching towards the ground for things, to standing up after sitting, to moving around in bed.  I swear last night, it took me 2-3 minutes to get flipped over from my right to left side!

I have another appointment tomorrow morning, and am anxious to see if the doctor can feel that his position has changed.  I honestly can't imagine him staying this low for the next 12 weeks or so - I feel like I need to do handstands to try to move him back up north!