Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Its the Little Stuff

We started working on the kiddo's room a few months ago, by slowly clearing out the bedroom of the futon, desk, and other miscellaneous crap that had accumulated there in just one year.  Once the room was empty, we bought and assembled his dresser, and worked on putting shelves in the closet, as well as installing new closet doors.  (Note:  I say "we" did all of this, when mostly it was Josh doing all the work, while I researched, supervised, pointed, and watched.)

Then, we received our crib and changing table (courtesy of our moms), and got those put together.  I had already received (and bought) some clothes, so I washed all of those, and started sorting/organizing based on size.

Throughout all of this, it still didn't quite seem real.  Obviously, I KNEW a baby was coming this fall, and KNEW he would be using all of this eventually, but it still didn't sink in.

Recently, however, I've started getting things- little things- that all of a sudden make me realize, Holy cow!  I'm having a BABY!  That will grow into a TODDLER!  And then a KID!!

Like I said, it's all little stuff.  Sippy cups.  Diapers.  Pacifiers.  Diaper cream.  Baby wash and lotion.

I'm not sure why it took these little items for me finally grasp what was happening, but it has.  And I'm excited!  We have approximately 10 weeks left until our due date, and everyone seems convinced he'll be arriving sometime in September.  52 days until he's considered full-term.

And I'm counting down by the hour.