Monday, October 19, 2009

Beth Moore's Esther Bible Study

I have been trying to run lately, mostly in the mornings before work. I planned to run today, since I haven't gotten to since Friday morning. However, hiking all weekend through CANYONS made up for it I think. And, my knees are killing me. Running tonight wouldn't have worked so well. I'll give it a shot tomorrow morning though.

I have decided to embark on the Beth Moore Esther bible study. I was actually able to find the audiobook version on iTunes, and have since downloaded it. Now, my plan is to listen to it while I run. I can make it through 1-2 sessions during my scheduled run time.

Anyone currently reading her book, or listening to the audiobook version? Wanna join along on my journey? Leave me a comment if so... I'm considering starting up a forum for this discussion!


Mandy McMahan said...

Not sure if you knew or not, but I am doing the Esther study with my church. Message me and let me know if you start doing this. It is a heavy study with lots of meat ... so far it's not my favorite study but I LOVE Beth and some of the topics from this week (the 4th or 5th week, not sure which one) are SO what I need. I think these studies are definitely meant for groups so I hope you have some people to discuss everything with ... wish you lived closer so you could come to ours!