Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Letter to My Unborn Son

Dear sweet, unborn child of mine,

You have spent the last 9 months growing inside of me, developing from a mere speck to a 6+ pound kicking, hiccuping, squirming little boy.  You and I have this bond that you cannot have with anyone else; I have nourished you with my body, and you have slept right next to my heart.  Now that your due date is approaching, I know our days of being together constantly are numbered.  

In the beginning, I anxiously waited for each appointment with the doctor, wanting to make sure you were okay.  I wanted to hear your heartbeat, see you wiggling around on the ultrasound screen.  Since I couldn't yet feel your movements, I needed that reassurance.

Now, I can feel the slightest movements you make, from stretching out your strong legs, to curling your body into a ball and sticking your little round butt out.  I can even see you move, stretching my belly with each contortion to make.  I can feel you hiccup, and can tell when you're sleeping and when you're wide awake and ready to move.

Sometimes we "play" a little game, and you poke a body part out against my belly.  I push back on that part of my belly, and you pull away.  As soon as I stop pushing, you poke it back out, and we repeat this again and again.  To me, its another way we get to bond before you're actually born, and just another way you let me know everything is okay in there.

Each morning, when I've just woken up and start feeling your first movements of the day, I rub my belly, and tell you, "Good morning buddy!".  Throughout the day, I repeat this rubbing, saying, "Hi buddy!".  And each night, when I'm about to fall asleep and you're still rolling away like you always do at bedtime, I rub you a little more gently and slowly, and whisper, "Good night, buddy.  I love you.". 

Your dad loves your movements too.  Since he doesn't get to feel you constantly like I do, its always a special treat when you "perform" for him.  You'll sometimes kick his hands, or push your little rear end out against him.  You've showed off your hiccups for him, and Dad is always amazed at whatever you do.

I've had such a fun time decorating your room, and picking things out for you.  Your dad has enjoyed it too, and has contributed many, many ideas.  He wants everything to be perfect for you, and above all, for you to be safe.  We have everything ready for you, from your car seat installed, to your diaper bag packed, to your coming home outfit decided on.  Dad can't wait to see you in camo :)

So, little man, we are ready for you.  We want you to stay inside as long as you need, but we cannot wait to meet you.  We want to kiss your sweet cheeks, count all of your fingers and toes, smell that one-of-a-kind baby smell, and embrace being your parents.  You are 50% of me, and 50% of your dad, and 100% perfect already.  

We love you, Lane.