Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Week 11: Meeting Our Doctor and We Have a Heartbeat!

Tuesday, March 15th we had an appointment to meet our OB for the first time. I had only previously met a nurse and an ultrasound tech, so we were looking forward to putting a face with a name.

Dr. S came in and introduced herself, and the first thing I noticed was how much she included Josh in the conversation.  She made eye contact with him constantly, asked him questions directly, and really made me feel like I'm not in this alone.  Maybe every OB is like this, but I was really happy to see how she treated him.  She asked some basic questions, asked if we had any questions, and then told me that I'm Rh negative, meaning its possible my blood won't be compatible with the baby's blood.  This means I'll be getting a Rhogam shot at 28 weeks, and then again at delivery.  Also, if I were to be in a car accident, or have a fall, or get hit in the stomach, they would give me another shot then.  It really doesn't seem to be that big of a deal nowadays, and if we find out if Josh is Rh negative as well, we can avoid the shots altogether.

Then. Dr. S pulled out the doppler, and I pulled out my BlackBerry, and we were able to hear our little kiddo's heartbeat for the first time!  I asked if I could record it on my phone, and she said of course.  It was beating away at 167 bpm, and was such a neat experience.  Josh and I both lit up and couldn't stop smiling.  So nice to know that between our ultrasound and this appointment the baby didn't fall our or get lost!

We go back in on April 12th, which will put us right around 15 weeks.  She said at that appointment we'll get to schedule our "big" ultrasound and find out if we are Team Blue or Team Pink!  I think it goes without saying that we are counting down the days until that point!

PS-  This "belly" is getting harder and harder to hide from my patients!  My boss knows, but I haven't told any patients.  This secret will be out before I know it at the rate its been going!


Amy M. said...

So excited for you. Every OB is not this great (although my primary one was, I saw others that were not), sounds like you found a great one!

Can't wait to read/hear more!