Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The 13 Week POP!

There I was, putting along, thinking I would start to get a "baby bump" closer to 20 weeks.  I hadn't gained any weight (and still haven't), and there was no sign that a belly was imminent.

Last Thursday, at 12w5d, I was at work and looked in the mirror and noticed that my previously flat-appearing (in clothes) abdomen now had a sort of roundness to it.  Noticeable to me, but not necessarily anyone else.  So I snapped a cell-phone photo in the bathroom at work.

Fast forward to Saturday morning, and I awoke to a new development: full-on belly.  Even Josh noticed.  Especially after I put on a side-ruched maternity t-shirt.  I had a birthday party to go that afternoon, and wondered if anyone else would notice.  And notice they did!

It still feels very odd to have something protruding from my body.  And it surprised me at how quickly it appeared!  My doctor did mention though that this is kind of to be expected, seeing as how this is my third pregnancy, and that I have a very short torso, so baby has nowhere to go but out.

Here are two comparison photos - please excuse the poor quality, as they are both from my cell-phone.


Karrie said...

Love belly pics!! Your background is one I used in the past on my blog, it's fun to see on someone else's blog now :)