Monday, March 7, 2011

Sunday, January 30th, 2011: Telling Josh's Parents

*NOTE:  These next few posts (with dates as titles) were written on the day of the title's date, but I didn't want to publish them until after we had told all our friends/family.  So, I'm playing catch-up for a little while!

Today is the day we told Josh's parents. We had to go to his dad's house to pick up his trailer, and while we were there Dan asked if I was going to be walking in the Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure this year. I just said "Maybe..." and then Josh said, "You're going to be a grandpa!". He was shocked, but still so excited. He wrapped me in a huge hug multiple times, and his love for us really showed.  He said it would take a few days for it to sink in, and he later called Josh and told him he went inside and laid down to absorb it all.

Then, it was time to tell Josh's mom, Stacie.  I was meeting his mom, two aunts, and grandma for lunch and a movie to celebrate some birthdays, and Josh drove me to the restaurant.  We watched for Stacie, and as soon as she arrived we took off for the door to try to head her off.  She made it inside before we caught her, and was already at the table with the girls.  So, Josh told her to come outside for a minute, and I followed.  We stood outside the entrance to the restaurant, and told her she was going to be a grandma.  She teared up, and hugged us both, and seemed genuinely excited.  From the table inside, the girls could see what was going on, so when we went back inside, we were ambushed.  "Are you having a baby?!"  was what we were met with.  We answered yes, and everyone cheered and hugged.  The rest of the time at the restaurant was spent discussing details, such as how far along we are, when the due date is, if we plan on finding out the sex, etc.
Josh left the restaurant, and went and told his grandpa and sister, Amy.  Both were equally excited!

It is such a relief to have our families know, and to have their support. 


Sarah Q said...

I think I'm a little emotional because I just cried reading that! :)

I love that everyone is so excited and supportive... my family is the same way and it means so much! :)

Amy M. said...

So much fun to read all of these stories! Would love to also see the story of how you told your mom, I know she is so excited to be a grandma.