Monday, September 13, 2010

Just What My Anxiety Needed... Not

Yesterday, Josh went off to work like usual.  I got ready for the Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure team BBQ.  I brought my Cake Balls I had made, as well as a green bean casserole.  I arrived, and had a ball.  It was so much fun talking to teammates more, meeting their families, eating all kinds of delicious foods, and really bonding.  And of course taking silly pictures. 

I was in the middle of entering someone's phone number into my Blackberry's address book when Josh called.  I simply hit "Ignore", planning to call him right back as soon as I was done typing.  Then he called right back.  And then texted me.  I figured I should check the text from him since it must be important.  And what I saw in that text instantly caused a lump in my throat the size of a watermelon.

"I need to go to the E.R.  Can you come give me a ride?"

Ummm.... EXCUSE ME?!  I instantly thought the worst.  Josh must be dying.  He's been in a horrible accident.  He's having a heart attack.  OMG..... HE'S GOING TO DIE.  You'd think I would have been slightly more logical, and thought to myself, "It can't be that serious.  He's texting and calling me.  He's asking me to come get him from work and drive him there in my car.  Instead of calling an ambulance.  So obviously its probably a minor injury."  But no, I couldn't think like that.

So I called him.  And he said he had a cut on his hand, and probably needed stitches.  He was going to drive himself, but the guys at work wouldn't let him since he was looking kind of pale.  Him and a coworker were hooking an implement up to a tractor, and somehow Josh's hand got trapped in the hitch and cut/squished.  But no broken bones.  So I left my BBQ in a hurry, racing to get to Josh's work.  His cut was/is approximately 2-3 inches long, and was about 1 inch wide before the stitches.  Pretty deep too, but not through any tendons or to the done.  It just looked worse than it was.  So off to the ER we went.  The whole visit surprisingly didn't take as long as we had thought it would.  They cleaned the laceration out really well (there was dirt and grease stuck in it) and then stitched him up (5 stitches in all).  Then we got the discharge papers, and off we went. 

But, as I wrote about here, I just didn't need this experience.  My anxiety has been increased, as now we have to deal with his work's Worker's Compensation insurance program since it was an on-the-job injury.  And I feel the need to constantly take care of Josh and his wound.  And its just one more thing added to my list.  Like the straw the broke the camel's back....