Thursday, April 7, 2011


Yesterday, I had another one of those moments when I realized, In just a few more months, I'm going to be a mom.  I am going to have a CHILD.  Of my OWN.  To take care of. 

I had ordered our carseat and stroller, even though its still early, because I had a coupon and there was a promotion going on that ended in a GREAT deal on the combo.  So we jumped.

They were delivered yesterday while we were at work, and since Josh was working overtime last night, I packed them up and took them to Mom's for dinner and so we could tinker with them.  I had to take the carseat and base out of the box, because there was no way those two huge boxes were fitting in my little Honda with Molly.  I carried the stroller box in first, and then walked in carrying the infant seat.  I saw my reflection in the mirror, and that's when it hit me.  It was such a weird image- seeing myself carrying this seat that will soon be used by my own baby.

We put the stroller together, and Mom and I took turns pushing it around the house.  I then loaded it up, and took it home so Josh could see it when he gets home.  He loved the stroller and carseat as soon as he saw them, and was equally glad we jumped on the opportunity.

Then again, this morning, I got up and stumbled to the kitchen to make Josh's lunch and coffee.  And there they were again.  Still sitting in the same place as last night, but I had forgotten they were there.  A constant reminder of what is to come.  Those same thoughts running through my head as when I saw myself carrying the carseat.

Starting to have baby gear, clothes, diapers in our house is really getting me more and more excited for this fall!


LKP said...

ya know, i've had all sorts of glitches with my google reader situation, and then wound up totally swamped since january and therefore my bloglife had become mostly barren as far as being able to check up on everybody. so i'm JUST learning that you're expecting. that is such fantastic news!!! congratulations. ::hugs:: the closer your due date gets, the more surreal it feels. :)