Friday, April 8, 2011

14 Weeks

Here we are, at 14 weeks!  (Well, actually closer to 15 weeks now.)  Time has really flown by, and I can't believe its been since JANUARY when we found out we're expecting!

I really need to try to take photos earlier in the week, but with our schedules lately and the crappy weather we've had, it hasn't happened.  So here is a photo from yesterday.  I apologize (again) for the crappy quality; I uploaded it to Facebook directly from my phone, and then stole it from Facebook to put on here. 

So far, I've been feeling pretty good!  Those first 12 weeks were ROUGH, but now that the morning (all day) sickness is gone, I'm really enjoying my growing belly.  I am constantly hungry, but have only gained about 3 lbs. total.

We've slowly started to prepare more for the kiddo, and plan to do the trim/closet doors in the soon-to-be-nursery sometime this month.  Our "big" ultrasound will be in the beginning of May, and once we find out if we have a Baby C. or Baby M., we'll be painting that room.

I felt our first baby movement on Monday afternoon, and immediately called Josh to tell him about it.  He was so excited, and we made sure to mark the day on our calendar.  He's more than ready to feel kicks from the outside, and I'm so ready for him to be able to experience it!

I go back in to the doctor on Tuesday for our monthly check-up, and that's when I'll schedule our gender ultrasound.  We can't wait!


Karrie said...

I love to hear about your pregnancy as you are working your way through it! Love the backdrops you use for your belly pics too! Much better than standing by the bathroom mirror like I did ;)