Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Way back in middle school, I met a girl at school named Allie. We never really were all that close; just casual acquaintances.  Fast forward to high school.  Allie and I became better friends, and soon best friends.  We were near inseparable.  We double-dated to dances at school, went to concerts together, stayed at each others houses, attended family events together, and covered for each other when need be. From sneaking alcohol and dancing in our old prom dresses, to taking a Spring Break trip to Vegas, to getting tattoos, Allie and I did it all.

Here are some pictures of us throughout the years:


Our senior year of high school, we both had boyfriends who were far away.  So, we were each others dates to things!  We say plays together, went to dinner, and just did basic best friend stuff.

Then, after graduation, Allie moved to Hawaii for college.  We were both devestated, but vowed to make our friendship work.  And work it did!  We talked several times a day, everyday, shared photos, kept up on Mypsace, etc.  It was kinda like we weren't even apart.

Allie eventually moved back to Washington, but went to the University of Washington in Seattle.  We still stayed close, but eventually drifted apart for several reasons.  This took place over a couple of years.  It crushed me to know that my best friend was no longer there; I had lost my Allie-Bear.

We have recently (since Spring 2009) begun repairing our friendship.  It kind of started while being in Mass one Sunday.  The Homily discussed repairing those relationships we have lost.  It struck my heart; I knew I wanted to repair my friendship with Allie.  That night, I tried texting her old number; I had it memorized still.  She answered, and we begun talking that night.  We hung out once this summer, when I went to Seattle to see her.  It was the first time we had seen each other in over a year.  It was awkward, and strange, but it was also familiar.  And I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This past weekend, Allie was down here in Olympia for the holidays.  Saturday, we got together for lunch and a little shopping.  And I didn't want it to end!  I am loving getting back into our friendship, and wish she lived closer so we could do this type of thing more often.  I'm already planning a day to go up to Seattle soon.  Our birthdays are close together in February, and we have tentatively planned to go skydiving for our birthdays together, since we have always talked about doing it.

I am so excited to see how this all pans out!