Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Christmas Craft Project

I recently completed a project inspired by an idea from Jessica Sprague.  I wanted to do something crafty and homemade for Christmas, and this is what I ended up with!

I started by painting some terra cotta pots a deep red color.

After they dried, a put a clearcoat on them, which had red glitter in it.  Who doesn't like glittery Christmas decorations?!

I cut Christmas scrapbooking paper into strips, and started layering the strips around the trees, according to color/pattern.

To assemble the trees, I pained wooden dowels a dark brown, for the trunks.  I placed rocks in the bottomof each pot, because the trees themselves are a little top-heavy.  I put Styrofoam in each of the pots, and covered with artificial moss over the Styrofoam.  Then I just jabbed the dowel into the tree Styrofoam and the pot Styrofoam.

I finished by putting silver bows on the top of each of the trees.  I ended up with 5 trees in varying heights.

These trees are by no means perfect or professional looking, and I like that.  They are uneven, maybe a little crooked, but they are mine.  And I love them!


Quirky Momma said...

What a great gift idea! Thanks for such simple instructions! I'd love to see you add it to my list of 101 Christmas Gifts

Jessi said...

Those are *super* cute. Looks like you need a lot of patience for them! I might give it a shot sometime.

Cheryl Martinson said...

Wow, so cute Maranda. Awesome Idea. I'm going to try one and then I'll send you a pic of it. I need approval from the pro. So creative. Love it.

Muliebrity said...

please repost this next year! lol I love this idea, but it will take me till then to "get around" to making them!