Friday, August 26, 2011

Pediatrician Meet & Greet

Today was our pediatrician meet & greet appointment. Josh saw Dr. S at this clinic from the time he was born until he was 22 years old. So when we discovered we were expecting, there was no question that Dr. S would be this little babe's pediatrician.

Until Dr. S decided to retire this month.

Which meant we had to find a new pediatrician. Luckily, there are multiple doctors in this clinic. Dr. S helped pick his replacement, Dr. H, and spoke very highly of her, as did his nurse. This nurse has been with Dr. S forever and is very familiar with Josh and his whole family.

So, we set up our appointment, and went in not knowing what to expect.

We instantly liked her.  She is young and perky, and very friendly.  She is not pushy of her opinions in the slightest.  She told us we would find a multitude of opinions between doctors, books, hospitals, etc., and that there really isn't any right answer on many topics.  We need to take all of the information we encounter, and use that to make the decisions that are right for our family.  This really struck a cord with me, and I appreciated the lack of a "my way or the highway" attitude. 

We talked about our plans thus far, such as breastfeeding, vaccinations, circumcision, etc., and she explained the schedule for her coming to see him in the hospital and our subsequent checkups in their office.

She answered all of our questions, and made us consider some things we hadn't previously.

Overall, it was a great visit, and I really look forward to working with Dr. H in the coming years.  Now we just have to wait for little man to decide he's ready to arrive!


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