Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Personal Bodyguard

Miss Molly, our wonderful 8 month old Golden Retriever/Labrador Retriever mix, has stepped up to be my own personal bodyguard while Josh is away.

It always amazes me just how perceptive and aware animals are to us humans.  When I'm happy, Molly knows it.  When I'm sad, she can tell.  And when I'm scared, she protects me.

I have a hatred for being home alone at night, and so when Josh is away, I let Molly sleep on our bed instead of in her crate.  It makes me feel safer having her warm little body next to me.  Molly, however, has a hatred for snuggling.  She likes to lay on my feet, or on the floor next to the bed.  But she isn't one to spoon.  That all changes when Josh is gone, though.  She sleeps right up against my side or stomach, depending on which position I'm in.  And she won't leave her place until I get out of bed.  Even after I get up, she's glued to my side.  Like my little furry shadow.  If I go outside, she goes outside.  But instead of running off to play, she walks patiently alongside me to wherever I'm going, and then goes back in when I do.  She doesn't even go to the door to go play outside for very long when I'm inside.  She'll go out to go to the bathroom, and then wants right back in.  It's like she can tell I don't like being alone, and so she wants me to feel safe.

Now, this could all be a major coincidence that she acts this way while Josh is away.  But you know what?  I don't care!  It makes me feel better, and we get some major bonding time.  Plus, see this face?

How could this sleepy, droopy face not make you feel better?


Alissa S said...

Charlie does the same thing. Mike was away for a few days this last weekend and Charlie got to sleep with me and he was GLUED!
So cute how they can sense your emotional climate.