Monday, November 15, 2010


I've never been someone who has a lot of girlfriends.  I usually hang out with the guys, and always tended to find girls annoying, catty, competitive, and just downright mean.  I had a few select girls that I counted on, but that was a very small list.

Over the last year, that has all changed!  I don't know if its because I've opened myself up more to the girls in my life, or if these incredibly amazing women have just come at the right time!

From the women of my walking group for the Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure (Hi Rebekah, Jessica, and Maqui!), to the girlfriend of a friend of ours (Howdy Laura!), to the lovely ladies I met last Friday (more on that below), I'm loving having a long list of girls I can call friends!!

This past Friday evening, I had the chance to spend a few hours with 5 wonderful ladies, all battling different levels of infertility.  We met because S.I.F. had 2 frozen embryos transferred in Seattle (she's from Alaska), and had some free time to kill.  We talked about everything from how her transfer went, to our own personal stories and struggles, to Facebook stalking, and more.  It was so relaxing to just chat about whatever came up, and to feel free to say whatever.  These women all have a story, and if you would, check them out and give them some support!  Keely is "ranch-wife in the making" and former radio DJ, plus she loves photography too!.  Alissa is also into photography and her and her husband are busy trying to make a wee one!  Megan calls herself "Infertile Myrtle", and her and her husband have been battling infertility for over 9 years.  Thank you ladies, for the amazing girl time!!

I'm thoroughly looking forward to some more girl time coming up, including a Girls Night In this Friday night with Josh's family, to a Christmas bazaar Saturday with Josh's family and some of mine, and Rebekah's birthday party Saturday night.  As much as I love being "one of the guys", its a great feeling to know I have girls that have my back!


Alissa S said...

Yes, we have your back Maranda. We should get together some time and snap a few pictures! I think it would be fun!

Looking forward to seeing what goes on in the land of Lamping.

Alissa S said...

I forgot to leave my new blog link!

LKP said...

i've noticed the same thing in my life. guys have always been so drama-free that i've always been just one of the guys by choice. it's just been within the past little bit that i've noticed how much more i'm appreciating my "girlfriends"....perhaps cause i've never really had many before or just because this is the time in my life when i need someone who can walk each step with me....and has the attention span to do so, and with empathy! no offense to my husband, he's wonderful. but even in the matter of him & me, i'm alone cause he's not got a uterus or ovaries, etc to stress over! so friday totally rocked. thank you. =)