Tuesday, November 23, 2010


In case you didn't know, Josh is currently in Idaho on a hunting trip.  He left early Thursday morning, and will be home sometime Wednesday.  This is a yearly trip for him, his uncle, and his cousin, and they wait all year for it. 

This is the first time Josh has been gone for more than one night since we started living together.  We live out in the sticks, and don't really know any of our neighbors.  And I hate being home alone.

The first night he was gone, my 16 year old brother stayed with me.  And the following night, we had Girls Night at our house, so I wasn't alone again. 

Having Josh away really makes me appreciate how much I love having him home.  Its not just the practical stuff I like having him around for; its the emotional aspect as well.  I honestly can't imagine having to be the guy in a relationship; they are responsible for so much!

First and foremost, he is my protector.  He is very chivalrous, and (almost) always a gentleman.  He sleeps closest to the door, always checks outside for me if I hear a strange noise, kills the spiders, and does whatever he can to take care of me.  He makes me feel safe, and I sleep peacefully with him around.  When he's gone, I hardly sleep.  I take naps during the daytime, and then stay away for most of the night.  I get scared easily, and have a hard time in the dark alone.

He also does most of the physical stuff around the house.  Bringing in firewood, cutting kindling, cleaning Molly's outdoor dog kennel, etc.  Since he's been gone, I've had to do all of that.  Its not that I'm not capable, or that I feel as if its his "job"; he just does that stuff.

And, its nice to have a helping hand.  Whether its taking care of Molly, doing the dishes, or running errands, having someone to help you accomplish things is nice. 

Most of all, however, I miss my best friend.  The one who makes me laugh, the one who melts my heart, and the one I rush home to see.  I miss the love of my life, and waking up next to his sleepy face each morning (even if it is at 5 AM!). 

So Wednesday, when Josh rolls back into town (which also happens to be the day of our anniversary!), you can know with certainty than I will be wrapping my arms around his strong neck, giving him a big kiss, and telling him thank you.  For coming home safely, for coming to my rescue, and for just being Josh.


Nathan said...

Well, I am not Josh, but your friend Nathan will be there soon.