Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Life Happens

I have been badly neglecting this blog lately.  It just seems like one thing or another gets in the way.  I have some much more detailed posts coming up in the next week (with LOTS of pictures!), but for now, here is a brief update:

  • We are living in our house (YAY!) although it is not yet finished
  • We are in the middle of mudding/sanding the bathroom sheetrock, which will be followed by texturing the bathroom and dining room, and then painting both rooms.  The bathroom will then get the tile flooring installed, and then its a matter of putting the toilet, new vanity, and new towel bars in before its finished!
  • The rest of the house still needs carpet - hopefully within the next two weeks or so.
  • Molly is 12 weeks old, and a handful.  She's a ton of fun, very entertaining, and a very sweet, sweet dog.  But she is still a puppy, and therefore likes to chew, climb, bark, run, and generally misbehave.  We are consistently working on her training though, and "sit" and "heel" are almost 100% learned!
  • We are looking forward to a summer of camping, bonfires, hiking, Sea-Doo riding, and spending time with family!
That's it!  The house consumes most of our time/energy, and whatever is left over goes straight to Molly.  But I wouldn't want it any other way!