Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Molly's First Camping Trip

While I was on vacation from work, we took Molly on her very first camping trip.  It was a blast!  Here is a photo recap:

The little princess had to be tied onto her orange rope while in the campsite, so she couldn't go exploring.  It was, however, long enough for her to wander around our entire campsite.  And, of course, long enough for her to get tangled in everything every 5 minutes.
Here she is, striking a pose.

You have to be careful around Molly, because is you leave your chair, she steals it!
Josh did some fishing, and Molly and I went to watch. 

Dad caught a stick fish!
 And then a real fish.
 And I of course made Josh take a picture with me.
Molly is starting to venture into the water more, but she is still very cautious.

Her and Dad are the best of friends.

And this is how they sleep.  Notice who is on the pillow and who is off?  Yes, she is spoiled.
Our last day there, we took Molly to the day park to try to coax her into the water.  Josh went in with her, and lured her out with treats.   She finally swam!  (It was only long enough for her to make it back to the shallow part where she could touch.)

And then she was one wet little girl!
 So her and Dad decided to nap on a rock in the sun, to dry off a little before the drive home. 

And yes, we do plan on taking this face camping many, many more times.


Nathan said...

Love it. Great pictures.