Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Meet Hallee

Friday afternoon, I adopted a kitty from Animal Services. I knew the previous owner of her, and had met this kitty on one occasion. I planned on adopting her once I moved into the new house, but she became available Friday and I didn't want to risk someone else adopting her.  She had to be neutered yesterday, so I wasn't able to bring her home until yesterday evening.

Once I got her home, I took her into my room, which I had all set up for her.  She bolted out of her carrier, and hid behind my desk.  She came out fairly quickly though, and from that point on, all she wanted was to be held and petted.  She is such a loving, cuddly kitty.  Her previous owner found her as a stray on Halloween, so she was nicknamed Halloween Kitty.  Well, we shorted that to Hallee.

She spent last night in our extra large dog crate, which I had scrubbed and scrubbed to make sure it was clean.  I lined it with a soft towel, put her bed in there (which she already LOVES), as well as her litter box and food/water bowls.

And she cried all night.

She hates being in there.  She just wants attention.  I kept getting up during the night with her, and checking on her incision site.  She has a lot of swelling, which is to be expected.  After all, she had major surgery!  Today, I had to put her back in her crate, with a fresh towel and food and water.  I felt so bad leaving her, when I could hear her cry.  But because of her surgery, she needs to be kept quiet and not jumping/climbing all over my room.

Everyone in the family loves her so far.  She is kind of hard not to love when she snuggles up to you!  I am hoping to post more photos tonight - the above one was taken with my BlackBerry (which explains the poor photo quality!).  Hopefully her transition continues to be a smooth one!