Thursday, March 4, 2010

Adventures in First Time Homebuying: Part 8

Here is another bullet-point update on our home process:

  • Yesterday we had the home inspection done, as well as a foundation inspection that was required for our loan.  Both passed without a problem!
  • The seller also had the septic pumped yesterday - no problems there!
  • Our loan officer ordered the appraisal today, but we don't yet know when exactly that will take place.
  • We are currently obtaining quotes/doing some research for homeowners insurance.
  • I have continued to buy things for the house, such as more cleaning products, a paper towel roll holder, and other miscellaneous items.
  • And...... our estimated date of closing is March 25th!!  That is exactly 3 weeks from today!!  I still can't believe this is all happening so quickly!
Before we actually move in, we plan on painting the entire interior of the house, along with installing new carpet in all of the rooms.  And, mom and I are going to team up to do some deep cleaning.  The only problem is, since I am having my tonsils removed on March 29th, I may not be too much help during that week.  I will undoubtedly be feeling crummy, and possible a little groggy from the pain medicine I will definitely be needing.  So, cross your fingers and pray that come April, I will have a new address!