Monday, June 16, 2008

Oh how I live for my weekends...

Ever since I've been in college, and even more this past year, I have LIVED for my weekends to come. I get so busy and stressed during the week, I count down the hours until I get a Friday night. Except I always try to cram too much into those two and a half short days. This weekend, however, I finally got the chance to relax.

Friday night was bowling, which always starts the weekend off well. Even though I did HORRIBLY, I loved every minutes of it. Jason, Pat, and Troy on my team are always so supportive and helpful, even if they do make fun of me for not being "pro's" life them. I get to hang out with them, and Rachel and Jeff and Cody, and Rachel's mom (Mollie) and stepdad (Bob). And Ian came to watch too. All in all, I have come to really look forward to bowling Friday nights, and hope to continue even in the fall.

After bowling, we headed over to Aunt Pam's house for Jessica's graduation party. And, I got to hold Baby Sam for the first time!! He's absolutely perfect, and the way he snuggled up to me when I held him was so sweet. I could hold him for hours and hours. But of course, I had to share him with everyone else.

Saturday morning, I helped Mom mow the lawn, and then headed to downtown Olympia. A friend of ours and her husband had a class to take, so I watched their little girl, Mia, for an hour or so. We played in the park, walked to the fountain, checked out the fruit and vegetables in the Farmer's Market, and scared seagulls away. The weather was gorgeous, and I forgot how much fun it can be to just walk around without a set plan. That's rare for me!

After that, I visited with my friend Todd, who I met at Saint Martin's my first year there. He recently joined the Marines, and has been in Virginia for several months. He finally got to come home, and is now stationed here! He was always like a twin brother to me in school; we hardly went anywhere without each other! I'm so thankful he's home, and I can see him and his (very large!) family whenever I want. There are 8 kids, ranging from 20 to 4 months. Each has a very unique personality, and I love getting to know them individually.

Saturday night, I babysat (again) for some relatives, while they went out with my parents. I'm sure it was a much-needed Adults Night Out for all of them. The girls and I jumped on the trampoline, ate ice cream, watched movies, and they crashed out around midnight. Mom and Dad came home around 1:30am, and were very appreciative of my help.

Sunday, I woke up with an eye ache, so I spend the morning "resting my eyes" (a.k.a. sleeping in and napping). That afternoon, I went to Bob and Mollie's for a Father's Day barbecue with Jeff and Rachel, and took adorable pictures of Cody, which I'll post later. We spend that evening at home, celebrating Father's Day with Rick, who had been working outside all day.

Now, with only two weeks left of class, I'm really starting to feel like summer's coming! I have so many exciting plans for these next two and a half months... Look for lots of updates!!


Mandy McMahan said...

I'm excited you're blogging again! :)