Thursday, June 12, 2008

A New Start

This year has brought so many changes into my life, both for the good and the not-so-good. Here's my attempt at describing the last new months in a nutshell....

First off, I'm still chugging away at school. I'm taking a summer class right now, trying to eliminate some of the work for next year. It's an Organic Chemistry class, and very intense. But I'll be done the 26th of June, and then I'll spend the rest of my summer just working, and getting ready to start my final year at Saint Martin's University!!

Speaking of work - its the same as usual. I'm nearing four years there, and I wouldn't trade a single day of it. I have learned so much that sometimes I amaze myself with the facts and techniques I have learned. I have the sweetest patients, and I look forward to working with them every single day, knowing I get to make a difference in their quality of life.

I've been practically living at my best friend Rachel's house, hanging out with her and her husband and their son Cody. He's 14 months, and one of the most important people in my life. I would do anything necessary for that little guy. If I go one or two days without seeing him, I miss that cute little round face of his. Since I've been with them so much, I've been "hanging out" with Jeff's friend Ian from work. Ian actually grew up in Packwood, and knows much of dad's side of the family. We all have a lot of fun together, and this summer is looking to be one of the best ever.

Jeff and Rachel convinced me to play on their summer bowling league, which takes place Friday nights. I'm on a team with Rachel's stepbrother Jason and some of his friends. I don't think I've ever enjoyed bowling so much!! We have a ton of fun, and since these boys are so good at bowling, it forces me to be better. I even have my own ball and shoes!! My highest game this season has been a 175, and I've also gotten a 157. But my average is around 123. If all goes well, I may even bowl in their fall league!

As if all this wasn't enough, I recently decided to join the network marketing community, and am gearing up to start selling Arbonne International produces. This truly amazing company offers some of the best skin care and health products around. They have been around for 28 years, and their motto is pure, safe, beneficial. I didn't believe in the product until I started using all of Rachel's products, and now I can't imagine using anything else. Rachel switched all of her baby products to Arbonne from Johnson & Johnson. Cody has always had bad eczema on his legs, and nothing seemed to make it better. After using Arbonne lotion on Cody's legs, his eczema has gone away and he has baby-soft skin again! The best part about Arbonne is you actually get to use the product before buying it. I come talk with you, tell you about our company and products, and then leave you with some products you're interested in. You give them back in a week or so, and by then, you're guaranteed to love them.

So, that's my life right now. I'm sure I'm leaving out many, many details, and I'll add them in as I think of them. Right now though, life is good!