Monday, March 5, 2012

Lane: 5 Months

Dear Lane,

Wow! Five months already!! I know I say it every month, but I still can't believe how quickly you are growing up.

You have most definitely grown out of the "newborn" phase, and are full-blown little boy now.  You are becoming more opinionated and vocal, and are testing out all the different sounds your mouth makes now.  You often look us in the eye and "talk" back to us, with a look on your face that seems to say, "Can't you understand what I'm saying?!". 

You are becoming more attached to certain objects, like the bear in your monthly photos, and the small, soft security blanket we got you.  You chew on them both, and open and close your hands when you see them, as if you just can't wait to get them in your hands.

You still LOVE sleeping in our bed, and I still love having you in there.  Sleep hasn't been going great the past month or so, but we're just dealing with it.  You must be going through a growth spurt, as you wake up ravenously hungry at least once or twice each night.  You spend much less time swaddled now, and instead want a blanket to hold on to (and cover your face with- much to the dislike of Mom!). 

You have recently discovered your feet, and can now get them in your mouth.  When you're sitting in your Bumbo or bouncy chair, you're always leaning forward to grab at them.  You also really pay attention when Dad or Mom leave the room, and try to twist around in your seat to watch us.

We recently tried rice and oatmeal cereal, but you're not a fan of either of then.  You do love sitting in your highchair though! 

You learned how to roll from your back to your belly this month, and now will do so as soon as we put you on your back.  You also pull your knees up with your butt in the air, and I know it won't be long until you're trying to crawl. 

You are such an active and strong little boy, and everyone comments on that fact.  You just want to move.  You're chewing on EVERYTHING, and your shirts are always covered in drool.  You don't have any teeth yet, but I'm thinking we might see one (or two) soon.  For now though, we are loving your big gummy smile.

You are majorly ticklish, just like Mom and Dad.  Your main tickle spots are under your neck, and all around your ribs.  Tickling one of these spots leads to major cackling on your part, and great entertainment for Mom and Dad.

Your 6 month appointment is in just a few weeks, and we're anxious to see just how much you've grown since your last appointment.  You're still in 3-6 month clothes, and this is the longest you've ever stayed in one size. 

We are still cloth diapering you, and your little butt looks so cute in a brightly colored diaper.  Mom gave up pumping this month, and you've always done just fine with formula.  I didn't quite make it to my 6 month goal, but we were close!  I will always love those hours spent nursing you, and that special bond we formed.  You really gave me a love for breastfeeding.

Keep up the growing, little man, and know Mom and Dad love you beyond measure!


Mom and Dad