Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Different Kind of Mom

Back before Lane was born, I tried to imagine the kind of mom I would be.

Would I be the fun mom? Strict? A germaphobe? Laid back?

I always said my baby wouldn't sleep in my bed, wouldn't ever have formula, wouldn't get kisses from our dog Molly, wouldn't use a pacifier, and a million other things.

Now that he's here though, things have changed.

Lane spends most hours of the night sleeping in our bed. He has had a pacifier since he was 3 weeks old (although he's never been too interested in it). Since going back to work, I've had to supplement with formula. And Lane gets Molly kisses everyday.

I'm also becoming so much more concerned with only using natural, organic, chemical free products whenever possible.  We cloth diaper, and use a eco-friendly detergent to wash the diapers (and the rest of Lane's clothes/blankets) in.  The rice and oatmeal cereals we've tried are organic, and I plan on growing the majority of the fruits/vegetables we feed Lane, and buying organic the items I can't grow. 

I also recently switched Lane's shampoo/soap and lotion to natural products.  So far I am loving the Dolphin Organics line, both unscented and Citrus scented (the scent comes from citrus extracts).  (To top it off, they have GREAT customer service - I've been working directly with one of the creators of the company, Ayo, ever since my first order!)

We also use an all-natural diaper cream, known as CJ's BUTTer.  We have it in a tub, a tube, and a spray.  It smells wonderful, works fantastically, and is cloth-diaper safe.  I've also recently started using Coconut Oil from Trader Joe's as another option for preventing diaper rash, and so far have had really great results!

I'm also a huge fan of babywearing, or using a carrier worn on my body to pack my son around.  I have a Moby wrap (great for around the house, and to snuggle Lane in to help him fall asleep if he's really fussy),  a Beco Gemini (our go-to carrier, as Josh loves it as much as I do.  My favorite grocery shopping accessory!), and I am now looking into a ring sling.  I love having Lane near me, and he loves it as well.  He loves being out of his carseat, and able to look around at the new surroundings.  He also loves to fall asleep in the carriers, and will sleep through a whole grocery shopping trip with no problem.

Who knew I would become a cloth diapering, babywearing, co-sleeping, "crunchy" mama?!  I certainly didn't, but I have to say I'm loving it and the choices we are making for our son.