Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cloth Diapering: Laundry Routine

A huge part of cloth diapering is the laundry routine.   I know a lot of people are scared off by the idea of washing dirty diapers, but it really isn't all that bad.  In fact, I don't really mind it at all!  Here is our routine:

All of Lane's dirty diapers go inside this garbage bag, in a pail liner.  The liner is essentially a waterproof, reusable garbage bag.

 When its time to do a load of diapers, I pull the pail liner out and take it to the washing machine.  I empty out all of the diapers and inserts into the washing machine, and turn the pail liner inside out and toss it in as well.

  1. I first run a cold rinse on the entire load. 
  2. Then I wash everything on warm, with a scoop of cloth diaper safe detergent (see photo below steps).
  3. I then run a final cold rinse of everything, just to make sure all of the soap is out.
  4. The inserts go in the dryer.
  5. The pail liner and diaper covers hang on a clothes rack to dry.

With 25 diapers, I do laundry about every 2 days, just to stay on top of it all and to make sure we don't run out.  In the summer, I'll dry the diapers outside, and also the inserts.  The neat thing about the sun is it naturally bleaches stains out of the diapers!

It might seem like cloth diapering is complicated, but once you establish a good routine and get into the swing of things, it goes very smoothly and becomes second nature.

We love cloth diapering!