Monday, November 9, 2009

Just a quick update

I seem to be running out of time lately to accomplish things that I want to.  Maybe my priorities are a little out of order.  Maybe I need to manage my time better.  Maybe I should work on this....

This past weekend, my family celebrated my grandma's 75th birthday party in Randle.  My cousin Jess and I played photographers for the day, and snapped countless pictures.  I have been going through them and editing them as necessary.  I will be sharing more of the photography aspects of that day on my photography blog.

This coming weekend, two friends of ours are getting married!  Josh and the boys went to Portland last Saturday night for a "boys trip", which involved who knows what.  Josh just said they were "good" and stayed out of trouble.  It was the groom's last "hoorah" before tying the know.  I have been busy helping the bride prepare for the big day, and there is still lots to do in the coming days!  Friday night is the rehearsal dinner, and Saturday morning will be a whirlwind of activity, to get the venue set up, the boys dressed up, the girls primped and ready, and then actually sitting back and enjoying the wedding itself.  The photographer isn't going to be there in time to shoot the girls getting ready, so the bride asked me to be there to take photos.  ME.  That scares me!!  I also plan to shoot throughout the wedding/reception, to better learn wedding photography.

I am still working on my Esther Bible study, but just have not found time to blog about it.  But I am loving learning more about Esther, and am thoroughly (as always) loving my walk with God.

We are still looking for a house to buy.  It just seems like no new listings are coming out; its just a repeat of the same ole' ones.  It is slightly discouraging, but we are determined!

And, finally, my knees are better!  They still hurt every once in a while, but not nearly as bad as before.  Which is a relief, because walking in heels for the wedding Saturday would have been impossible if they were still in their initial shape!

I think that's it for now... I will have lots of photos to post in the coming week!


Amy and Jeremiah McMahan said...

Can't wait to see the photos from Grandma's party. hope you are doing well!

Love you