Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Holidays in Hand: Assignments 1 & 2

I recently signed up for an online class offered by Jessica Sprague entitled "Holidays in Hands".  This class focuses on the holiday season, and creating a project that you can use to capture memories.  This is the first class of this type that I've ever taken, and I'm very excited for it!

I will be using my blog to do my class assignments, and to post some of my project!

It seems like the holiday season has snuck up on us all of a sudden; it was nice and warm and still summer, and instantly its fall/almost winter!  My red holiday Starbucks cup sitting next to me bears witness to this fact.

Here is Assignment 1:
Write you values and goals.

My goals for this holiday season are:
  • to continue already established holiday traditions
  • to start new traditions with my new family members (the Davis')
  • to be able to attend church services on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (the weather last year prevented me from making it)
  • to have Josh attend those services with me
  • to spend time helping those less fortunate than me to have a memorable holiday season
So, I will be working towards these goals for the next 6 weeks or so.  My progress will be documented in my project!

And now for Assignment 2:

I am committing to spend at least 20 minutes per day in December either recording/writing/photographing/savoring/printing/gluing/scrapbooking/remembering/slowing down.  That is a big challenge to me!  Especially since I blogged yesterday about my lack of time management skills.  But this project is important to me, and so I hope to give it importance on my priority list.

I will either be posting the next assignment's blog later tonight or tomorrow morning.  I'm excited to share with all of you!!


The T said...

WOW this sounds like a great class! I have taken one other JS class before, but can't remember why i wasn't able to complete it/follow through on it!
Off to check this one out now!
thanks for sharing!

(from the mckmama board!)

sharyncarlson said...

Hi Miranda! Stopping by from HIH. This looks like a great list. I love the red Starbucks cups this time of year, btw. What were you drinking? I've love the pumpkin spice lattes in Nov and all the winter drinks ;)