Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Whirlwind of Activities

Lately, it seems like there just aren't enough hours in the day for everything I want to accomplish.

Here is a brief rundown of all the projects I'm currently working on:
  1. Continue learning photography. I have enjoyed getting to know my camera so much, and we have a special bond now. I used to get frustrated when photos didn't quite turn out right. Now, I am learning what it is that I am doing wrong, and how to fix it.
  2. Raise money for the National Brain Tumor Society. Their annual walk is September 12th, and I want to raise money and awareness for this cause. Check out #3 below for one of my ideas related to this!
  3. Create recipe books. I have found a very neat website that allows you to create your own, custom recipe books. And they do fundraiser books! In conjunction with the NBTS, I am creating a memorial/fundraiser cookbook. This will be filled with a collection of recipes from myself, Chuck's wife, and members of his family. I will be selling these books, and procedes from each book will go directly to the National Brain Tumor Society. More details later!
  4. Work out. I recently started a workout program, and it is intense. Like kicks-your-butt-every-day. But it feels so good! And I feel like it is working. I have been not-so-healthy lately, and I feel as though I am making a positive change in my fitness.
  5. Find a new job. This is very important. Which means, it should be #1 on my list. But I have a habit of doing things out of order. I want a new job. One with benefits. And more money. And more room to move up in the company. Still searching though.
  6. Move out! Josh and I have been looking at houses lately, and are talking with a mortgage/loan office and real estate agent to start the process. We want to buy, and not rent. So the hunt is on!
So that's it. My busy life right now. I was afraid that after college, my life would be boring. But it is turning out to be anything but.