Monday, February 2, 2009

Nothing Too Exciting

I'm finally settled into the routine of being back at school, and this semester (so far) has been a breeze! I'm sure the hard stuff will hit soon enough, but for the time being, I'm enjoying myself. Not much has been done on my Senior project, but I'm planning on starting this week.

This past weekend, Josh & I went to dinner at Tugboat Annie's with his mom. She had gotten a new car that day, and we went to help her "celebrate." It was so much fun! Stacie is really laid back and fun to be around. We both can joke around and pick on Josh, and she's just a very sweet, caring person. And she's coming to my birthday dinner!

That's right! This Thursday is my 21st birthday!! We're going to dinner at the casino here in Rochester, so I can try my hand at gambling a little bit. It will be Josh's first time meeting some of the family (besides Mom and Dad- they see him all the time). I'm really excited to introduce him to everyone, because I know they will adore him as much as I do!

Friday afternoon, Josh, our friend Nick, and I are taking the Amtrak train to Seattle, and then meeting my friends Jill, Kathleen, Danielle, and Adam up there. We're staying at the Pioneer Square Best Western, and are going out in Pioneer Square for the night. We're returning home Saturday afternoon on the Amtrak as well. It should be a great time!

Now that I've gotten off track talking about this past weekend...

Saturday, we went to visit James and Mandy for Emma's 1st birthday!! All of the food, decoration, and everything else was just perfect. It was great to see everyone, and play with all the babies. Emma just was adorable!! I was able to take only some mediocre pictures; here they are:

Little Emma waiting for her own, personal birthday cake!Grandma delivering the cake, complete with "1" candle.
Someone may have wanted to play with the candle more than with the cake....
She really didn't know what to do with the cake! In fact, she didn't want it anywhere near her!
Mommy Mandy had to step in and try to feed it to her, but even that took quite a bit of effort to be successful.She finally started to get the hang of the whole "birthday cake just for me" idea.
She is such a sweet, sweet girl; she tried to feed it to everyone else!
Little Baby Sam was at the birthday party as well. Of course Mom had to steal him for some cuddle time.Here's Cousin Jessica hold him too. He's so intrigued by the camera!
And me with Sam! Of course Mom was WAY too close with the flash WAY too bright. But at least he's cute, right?