Thursday, January 22, 2009

Senior Seminar Research Project: Part One

I spent all of Fall semester working on my Senior Research Project, and the time has come for me to begin actually carrying out my project. Here's a rundown of what has happened so far:

  • Picked my topic
  • Began researching that topic
  • Developed a Research Proposal that had to be submitted and re-submitted THREE times
  • Gave a formal presentation on what my project is
  • Ordered my materials
Now its time for the fun part! I will be spending lots of time in the lab, perfecting my methods and finally beginning to collect my data.

My project is: The Removal of Escherichia coli from Hard Plastic: The Effectiveness of Several Sanitation Techniques.

The idea for this project came from my work in a PT clinic, and the fact that both my boss and I are germ freaks and are always cleaning equipment that comes into contact with patient skin. And I wanted to know how effective the techniques we use really are. So I'm testing a commercial sanitation spray like we use in our clinic, plain ol' distilled water, UV light exposure, microwave oven exposure, and no treatment.

I'll be sure to post more on how this project progresses!


Mandy McMahan said...

Being a mother who is also a little bit of a "germaphobe," I'm excited to hear more about your results! :) I'm always disgusted when no one else at the gym sprays down and wipes the mats or cardio/weight machines after they sweat all over them. Is it really that difficult to grab the spray bottle and a paper towel? Maybe you'll find in your tests that even doing that doesn't make a difference in the spreading of germs, though. In which case, I may halt my gym-going immediately. Not that I'm going all that much now anyway. ;)