Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lane: Two Months

So I wrote this post on Lane's two month birthday, and thought I hit "publish".  But evidently, I just saved it as a draft.  Which is why its so late!!

Dear Lane, 

Today, you are two months old.  Time is FLYING!  This past month has brought so much change for you.

You are now an awesome sleeper at night, most of the time.  You typically go down between 8-9 PM, and will sleep to between 2-4 AM, when its time to eat.  You then go back to bed for another stretch, anywhere from 2-4 hours more.  We swaddle you tightly, give you your pacifier for a few minutes, and put you in your bassinett half-asleep.  In this past month, you've decided sleeping on your back isn't all that bad.  You still end up in our bed sometimes, but that's just because Mama wants to snuggle you.  :)

Being on your changing table brings out the biggest grins. We still don't know quite why you like it so much, but we love changing your diaper because of those big goofy smiles.  And speaking of smiles, you gave us your first REAL smile this month, and its now easy to get you to grin in reaction to us.

You are so much more active now, and much more alert.  You love flinging your arms around, and are much better at getting your hands to your mouth.

You also love having us quickly lift you up into the air, as it tickles your tummy.  When you're upset, that is one of the easiest ways to get you to calm down.  You also love it when Dad "flies" you around the house; he puts you on your tummy in his arms, and then races around the house, taking you on an aerial "tour" of the couch, your bouncy chair, the bed, Molly, and whatever else crosses your path.  This is something special that you two do, and its so fun listening to Dad narrate for you. 

You are almost over the getting grumpy when you wake up phase, and instead just slowly wake up, stretch, and then look around to see where your food is.  You are still an impatient eater, though. 

We had your two month checkup today, and you weighed 12 lbs. 1 ounce, and are 24 1/4 inches long.  You are in the 90% percentile for weight, 75% for length, and 25% for head circumference.  You also got all of your required shots, which you were not a fan of.  However after just a few minutes, you stopped crying, and were sleepy for the rest of today.  You are a champ!

You are quickly outgrowing clothes, and your newborn clothes are already packed up.  I can tell you won't be in 0-3 month clothes very long either, as your long legs just won't fit. 

You love being in the Beco baby carrier, and almost instantly go to sleep in it.  Its so nice to be able to take you places in in, and this month we ventured out to watch your cousin Jack wrestle, to do some shopping at the mall, and to go to a Christmas bazaar.

You hold your head up so well now, even while on your tummy.  You can get your top half rolled onto your side, but your butt and legs are still stuck.  It won't be long now until you're rolling over!

Dad and I are loving all of your changes, and seeing you grow and develop is so neat for us.  I'm sure this next month will be even more exciting, as we get to experience your first Christmas.  We love you, baby Lane!


Mom and Dad