Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's A.....


That's right!  Our little man will be arriving this fall.  He was measuring one day ahead, had a heartbeat of 148, and was wiggling all over the place.

The ultrasound tech told us that the gender would be the last thing she showed us.  She went through all of the required measurements, and everything looked great.  It was so neat to see him stretching his little arms out, reaching around, and kicking his legs.  I had to roll from side to side to get to him to move so she could measure his heart, and then he decided to lie on his stomach.  As soon as he did that, I was 100% convinced he was, in fact, a boy.  Josh is a total stomach sleeper, and I instantly said, "Josh, that's you!". 

When she got to the point of showing us the gender, she didn't say anything.  Josh and I both thought we knew what we were looking at, but neither of us wanted to say anything.  Then she started typing, "I'm a boy!!!".  We both started laughing and smiling, and Josh reached over to grab my hand.  I've never seen Josh so incredibly happy!  We then went in to see the doctor, and she said everything is great!  My weight gain is on track, baby's heartbeat is fine, my blood pressure was normal, and we come back in one month.  After that appointment, we start going every two weeks!  Can't believe we're getting to that point already!

Here is our little guy's profile: 

Now, we just have to decide on a name, and start shopping!


Amy M. said...

So happy for your both! I can't believe I always predict wrong, but hey, I know where you can find some times on baby boys. :)