Monday, May 11, 2009


This is the first of three posts I will be doing today; I have way too many pictures and much too much information to fit into just one post!

Friday night was my Baccalaureate and Hooding Ceremony. It took place in the Abbey Church at Saint Martin's, and parents were invited. The Abbey has become such a special place to me; it is a sanctuary, where I spend most of my time praying, and where I most often hear God's voice speaking back to me. I was so glad that Baccalaureate was held there, for those reasons. Mom, Dad, and Josh all attended.

The ceremony entailed prayer, singing, and graduates receiving their hoods. These hoods, worn over graduation gowns, signify which subject your degree was in. My hood is outlined in a bright golden yellow, with red and white on the inside, and a black bottom. The yellow is for biology, the red and white are for SMU, and the black is just the bottom color. Everyone had the black and red and white; the other color was what was different.

Here are some pictures from afterwards:

Me, on the backside of Old Main

Kathleen and I right afterwards. We've been in the Biology program together for the whole 3 years I've been at the Saint.

Josh and I afterwards. I was so excited he was there!

Mom, Dad, and I. Nathan was at a birthday party, and would have been bored out of his mind!

Myself and Father Benedict. I had to have one last picture of us!

The whole ceremony was very special, and it got me really excited for Saturday's graduation.

Next is a post all about graduation!