Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend Recap

Friday night was bowling, which was a lot of fun. I love my bowling boys. They joke around and tease me on my skills, but are also very encouraging and always willing to help me improve. I actually didn't do too bad either. The only down part of the night was feeling like I was on the verge of a heart attack at two different points. My heart just would not slow down! But luckily I got the events recorded, and sent off to the doctor.

Saturday evening was Race Night at South Sound Speedway! I arrived around 5:30pm, and was able to watch the end of qualifying. Then, the Parade Lap, and racing started! Trophy Dashes were first, then heat races, and finally the main races. Saturday happened to be Race #2 of the Big 4 Series, which means it was a 150-lap race for the Super Stocks. Man, I love watchig those guys! The race started off with around 17 cars, and dwindled down to about 7 pretty quicky. They do a mandatory caution at lap 99, so the cars can refuel to finish the race. Its so exciting to watch - I spend most of the race on the edge of my seat!! Here are some of the Trophy Pictures:

Its amazing how hot the track gets - right after the 150, we go down 0n the track so I can present. If I stood still for more than two seconds, I started sticking to the track! But its so much fun, and so cool being down there and looking up at the stands. Plus, when I drive by in the trophy car, all the people in the stands wave back at me!! Here's a picture of the Trophy Car from that night (obviously I stole this picture from the internet - its not the EXACT one I rode in, but it looks the same!)

The next time I do it, July 26th, they're bring down this....

Can you tell I'm really starting to enjoy this??