Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lane: One Month

Although I'm just getting around to posting it today, this was written to Lane on October 28, 2011, his one month birthday.

Dear Lane: 

Today, you are one month old.  This still amazes me- how is it possible you have been outside of me for a whole month already?

Although time is flying by, Dad and I are trying to soak up every second of time with you we can.  We don't want to miss one goofy face, one sleepy smile, or one snuggly naptime.  Your personality is really coming out, and we are truly getting to "know" you.

For instance, the 5-10 minutes after you start waking up, you are a big grump.  You fuss, moan, groan, and act like you're about to cry.  And then, as soon as it starts, its over, and you're a happy baby.  When you're awake, you love to look out the windows.  The bright light catches your attention, and you turn your head as far as you can to get a good look.  

You also recognize our voices now, and turn your head towards us when we talk to you.  You can follow things with your eyes, and have started becoming more coordinated when it comes to getting your fingers into your mouth.

You hate to sleep on your back (unless its in our bed), and so we still use your bouncy chair at nighttime.  You wake up every 2-3 hours to eat, and then often times want to stay awake and hang out with Mom instead of going back to sleep.

You used to hate having your diaper changed, but have since decided its not too terrible.  Your first bath was a horrible experience, as you screamed the entire time.  But every bath since then has been much better, with no more crying.  You just hate getting out of the bath now.  You also don't like shirts being put over your head.  

We took our first drive out to the ocean this month, so Dad could look at a few hunting spots.  Although you and I stayed in the car the entire time, it was fun to get out of the house.  

You are breastfeeding like a champ, and I'm so happy we decided to stick with it.  You make the funniest faces and noises when its time to eat, and you tend to be very impatient.  We've given you a few bottles, and your Dad absolutely loves feeding you; its  a real bonding time for you two.

As we head into your second month of life, I look forward to seeing you develop into more of a "baby" and less of a "newborn", although I will certainly miss this newborn phase.  We are still holding out for that real smile, and hopefully it comes in the next few weeks.

We love you Lane.


Mom and Dad