Friday, June 24, 2011

Feeling Outside Kicks

This past Monday, at 25w2d, Josh was able to feel Baby Davis kick for the first time! I knew he would be able to soon, as I could tell the kicks were getting stronger and stronger, and I could also see my belly move when he kicked.

So, while Josh was in the shower, I relaxed in bed, watching my belly.  He was being particularly active that night, so when Josh climbed into bed, I told him to try watching my belly to see if he could see it move.  He instead placed his hand on my stomach, and relaxed with his eyes closed.  I don't think he had much hope for feeling the baby, and was more so doing it to please me.  About 15 seconds later, though, the little man gave a great big kick, right where Josh's hand was.  Josh's eyes lit up, and he asked, "Was that him?!".  I told him yes, it was him kicking, and he was amazed!  The baby continued to give him some solid kicks for 15-20 minutes, and Josh couldn't get enough.  He refused to let me go to sleep because he wanted to keep feeling him.

Other people have been asking if they can try to feel him kick, and I've held off on letting anyone until Josh had the chance to.  I really wanted him to experience it before anyone else.  Next up is trying to have my mom and dad feel him; I know my mom can't wait to!


ADSchill said...

Congrats, that is the most amazing feeling. I remember feeling my nephew kick for the first time and was just enthralled.

Glad you are moving right along into this pregnancy!