Thursday, December 2, 2010

Seasons Greetings!

Seeing as how this is Josh and I's first Christmas living together, and our first Christmas with Molly, I wanted to go all out and do a family Christmas card this year. Josh was less than thrilled.

I planned a date for us to shoot our photos (with me taking them using a tripod and remote), and Josh grudgingly came along.

We came away with three card-quality photos, and I am extremely happy to have photos of us from our first Christmas!

I've had a hard time choosing which card I like best from Shutterfly.  Here are my requirements:
  • Fits a vertical photo
  • Holds only one photo
  • Doesn't have anything blocking the bottom part of the photo, as that's where Molly is in the photo.
As far as style goes, its a tough decision.  Josh likes more traditional styles, while I prefer more modern.  Here are our top four:

I won't say which card we chose, because I want it to be a surprise to our family and friends when it arrives!

All of Shutterfly's Christmas Photo cards can be found here!

In addition to a Christmas card, I also want to create a calendar featuring photos of Josh, Molly, and I throughout the year.  Since January is quickly approaching, I need to get on this!  I have already started designing one, and am just waiting for Christmas to arrive and be over with so I can include photos from our holiday celebrations in the calendar.  What I love most about these calendars is that you can add birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions while you're creating the calendar!  Check out Shutterfly's Photo Calendars here!

I'm full of new traditions this year, and one I definitely want to continue is creating customized birthday cards for family and friends.  With Shutterfly, you can choose a design, add photos, create your own message, and send it of!  What would be neater than receiving a birthday card in the mail, knowing someone put thought, effort, time, and attention into creating a special card just for you?!  I have already started creating some for birthdays (and birth days!) I know are coming up soon, and plan on making many, many more.  Here is the huge selection of birthday cards!

There you have it!  Lots of neat ideas for Christmas cards, photo calendars, and birthday cards.  But that's not all!  Shutterfly has photo books, photo gifts, prints, and lots more available on their website.  Check them out!